Back Stage at 'Out of the Box"

We did it! And it was gorgeous.. or so I heard. I haven't seen any footage yet, and I was backstage for the whole event, but I got some fantastic feed back and everything was positive. I cant say it was easy.. or I was calm and organized (I am a creative type.. nothing I do is organized or calm ;) but my team was fantastic I am so grateful and proud of our work.

I haven't got images just yet from the parade, cept this little pic of me with the models and I regretfully didnt get a chance to snap away because it was Hectic! BTW I am on tippy toes here! What a way to look short and round by standing next to these ladies! ha!

I can't wait to show you my new slips... Long, lady like numbers! I will keep you intrigued... wont be long..

MB xx

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