Upside Down Kisses

Dear Shoppers Anon, My name is Madonna and I am addicted to Vintage fashion. 
Doesn't matter if it doesn't fit, or I will never wear it.. that is s too frilly, or too gaudy! I hoard them all in the name of 'Collecting' and I have just found my new dealer ;)


Lord help me... I fancy treasure hunts, adore vintage lovelies and antique keepsakes are my crack! if you need a hit daily like me..... Well I have found a gorgeous Etsy Store Upside Down Kisses that is full of scores!  I cant tell you my next purchase.. because I can't score it until Thursday.. (and I don't want any fellow addicts to beat me to it!) But I will post it up as soon I get my hot little hands on it! So please do check out the store and support real sustainable fashion (even if it's for your evil pleasures like me)


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