My spring dream...

My dream is to create music with fabric, to define happiness with a thread and stitch in blessings so the wearer is bestowed with joy and love - Madonna Bain 2014

inspired by the beautiful blog where followers share their dreams

Making in Bali

Some snap shots of my recent trip to Bali to research manufacturing a new line of ethical intimates....

 Preparing my patterns for the trip... I traced patterns on to paper and drew up specification documents of each style along with a sample. 

Packing my bag with all my bits and bobs for production. I wasn't sure of the lace, elastic and accessories available in Bali, so I took some with me. I was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful fabrics and lace. Though I will need to bring my accessories in. 

 Shopping for fabrics and falling in love with cotton lace

Buying silk and lace. Oh my! Too much gorgeousness to choose from. Like a candy store for designers like myself. 

Meeting my makers! Introducing my team Kartec, head sewer and Wayan, patternmaker. They spoke very little english, so we laughed a lot at trying to communicate. But Kartec and I each day, while we worked, would try chit chat... about our lives... children, who are around the same age and general family life. Kartec helped me translate sewing techniques, as I found it challenging to explain how I wanted things sewn. I think Wayan was happy he couldn't understand our banter ;)

At my beautiful hotel, every morning, this Hindu man would come with the days offerings, and within minutes, each day, a bird would come and nibble at it. Beautiful in the routine of both the man and the bird. 

Honeymoon Lingerie Magic

So excited to show our gorgeous Honeymoon Collection in the One Love Photography Shoot. I am so lucky to get to work with such talented artists and this image... wowsers! I am so overjoyed! 

SALE on Ready to Ship Pieces

I've got some gorgeous pieces of my luxury cotton lingerie all made and sitting here, needing to get out to you. Styles, sizes and colours are limited but I am sure there is something for each of you. Check out my SALE page

In Search For Truth

Market Research- How it creates something we are proud of.

Creating a online shop and getting customers to find it is one hurdle for small businesses selling online. You know who loves your product, that the touch, the fabric, the fit makes a woman say "I have to have this'.. A customer wants an experience when buying a quality beautiful piece. So how do you translate this tactile experience, how do you ensure confidence that they are buying something they will treasure?

Well I figured I can ask you directly! Because you know what you want, what works for you and how you feel about purchasing lingerie online! So I would love to know what you think of my website, my  boutique and the lovelies that I design with you all in mind.

When you create a business that excites you, that is your dream come true, that working in it everyday make you truly happy, you want to share it with the world, and that is how I feel.

I so appreciate your contribution that I am giving away 2 lucky surveyors $100 gift voucher each, plus 25% off any purchases you make from the survey. Available till February 23rd 2013, winners will be drawn 1st March.

So just go to have a browse around, take a mental note of what you love and what you would love to buy (or win), what doesn't make sense, or frustrates you. Then pop over to my SURVEY and let me know.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart in advance. Mxx

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