Missing in action

I apologise to my blog pals for being a bad blogger. I was finding it challenging to keep it going. I had such a busy schedule because of setting up my pattern making /fashion design business, and all I could think about was all the boring decisions and organising i was doing and I didn't think you wanted to hear about that! For the past 6 weeks I did a certificate in small business management and had to write a business plan for the next 2 years of my business venture! It ended up being a book! 60+ pages, half a inch think!!! I was overwhelmed with the information I had to come up with. All those financial tables and projections!!!!!!!!!!!!
But it is done now and I can get on with running the business and getting orders made.
As you may have noticed, I still have no catalog for the latest range!!! It unfortunately keeps getting held off while I design and sample my customers designs (gotta put food on the table first right!)
I had listed some of the range on etsy and soon made it. I hope to raise some funds to buy the pretty satin labels for the size, washing instructions and cute woven logo tags with my little birdy.
Thanks for checking out my blog and I do hope to have lots of topics to write this month to make up for my absence.
M xxx

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