BEEJ- A fairtrade business bringing change and hope to us!

Clothes with spirit, joy and colour.

'Together we can sew the seeds of change in the world'
-Savar and Meg (Beej Designers)

Beej's natural, feminine and vibrant designs 'are a fusion of east and west'
'... Beautiful cool cotton garments with superb hand embroidered detail. Easy wear and easy care. Embroidery designs are based on Australian and Indian wildflowers.'

Another inspiring talent from Byron Bay, Meg's clothing label is ethical fashion and is about preserving arts and culture, while supporting global communties and our earth. Check out the Beej site and the images in the gallery will touch your heart.

"The woman all come together at Manju's family home. The all sit on the grouns and love to talk and work at the same time. The people of India spend their life close to the earth, sitting on the ground is very comfortable for them, chairs and tables are not common place in rural communties."

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