Sunday's Food For Thought

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Some food for thought From the site Conscientious Shopper

1.    You are what you wear!

2.    Clothes and shopping are important and not frivolous- they affect the economy, the environment and the way the world perceives us and others.

3.    The world is interconnected and every item you buy reverberates around the world in a positive or negative manner.

4.    Fashion is about passion and expression, not money.

5.    Style takes time and thought, not money.

6.    Fake designer labels and sweatshops clothes are for fashion victims.

7.    Clothes often travel around the globe before they reach our wardrobe and carry the story of the people who made them, so make it a happy one!

8.    Clothes should be collectable and cared for. Clothes are not disposable.

9.    Buy less, buy better.

10.    We can shop for a better economy and a better industry. We can shop so that we come out of the financial crisis with a more just fashion

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