More Melbourne Inspiration

More images from my first ever trip to Melbourne (yes yes.. I had never been!!) Todays snaps are from the day my dear friend Kat (above) took me to the glittering city. I really love the vibe in Melb town. So many op shops... vintage shopping is everywhere. Or maybe that is just where Kat took me! Inspiration is everywhere. I was capturing ideas in every shop.. windows.. architecture... people passing. All these little lane-ways filled with eateries and boutiques. I think Kat was getting a little tired of me stopping constantly to snap and note everything that gave me tingles... which was about every 10 steps!


  1. Great photos. I've lived in Byron for 6 years, originally from Melb and I am about to head back. These photos are the reason why.

  2. I can't wait to join you... Melbourne feels like home to me.. yet I have only been there this one trip! Byron is paradise... but sometimes I feel like I am on a perpetual holiday.. one that I have over stayed :)


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