Why I love what I do!

Why Eco Intimates? The concept for the brand comes from the lack of beautiful lingerie and sleepwear made from natural textiles and I took it one step further and keep the pieces as environmentally friendly as possible. I use quality organic cotton fabrics as I found that its important to use superior textiles that are soft and stand the test of time over, say hemp, which is a more eco but isn't yet available in the quality to compete with cotton for lingerie. I believe it is a waste of my and my customers time to produce a product that is inferior because it is falls apart, is rough against the skin or loses shape. That's not sustainability to me. I also use eco trims when possible like stunning hemp/silk satin and intricate organic cotton lace. It's all about eco luxury... because to be truly luxurious to yourself is to tread softly on this beautiful planet and be conscious of its fragility as well as its strength.


  1. Love your concept and so true , I live my life in natural fibre and to feel sensuous and do it sustainably isn't easy .....total respect !

  2. Thank you Fiona! Feel very blessed to get to do what I love xx


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