Byron Bay Designers Part 6- Rachel Stone

When I first fell in love this Artist, it wasn't her paintings, but her jewelery that beguiled me. I work at little jewelery store in the seaside town Brunswick Heads, and a few years back we bought some of Rachel Stone's delightful little gemstone pieces for the shop. I quickly snapped up a pair of her earrings (6 faceted carnelian clustered together) and a necklace of pinks, oranges and yellows coloured gems. When I get my camera back I will post a picky of the lovely pieces.
But it wasn't till last year that I came across her paintings, and I cant say which I love more. At the exhibition of her 'Tiny Feathers' collection I missed out on the one I wanted (I really must remember the early bird gets the worm ;). I couldn't find a image of it, just as well because it would have taunted me. Here are my next favorites. The sugary jewel like one above called "Fairywrenland diptych part II" I love, and if I can afford it I would barter off the new owner. But honestly if I could I would get all 3.

(quoted from her website...) 'The imagery" is influenced by botanical illustration, wildlife photography, and the depiction of birds and flowers throughout the history of textile design. Perhaps by taking a closer look at the beautiful birds of the air and plant life of the Earth we will be inspired to protect them, and find it easier to give up our environmentally destructive habits in favour of protecting these living treasures from extinction."

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