Byron Bay Designers Part 7.. Eco Intimates

I hope it isn't too forward of me to do the last Byron Bay Designers on myself. I am just so excited about my new range coming out I thought I would give you a sneak little preview of whats about to come. I have finally finished designing the organic cotton jersey 15 piece range and now preparing for the photo shoot with my gorgeous muse/model Brook Chamberlain. The snaps above are from a fitting we had yesterday in my freezing work room, poor Brook was shivering in my little cotton numbers.

Before I jump into my first production run I want to get some production advice to not only make sure they are sewn perfect as possible, but can to be sewn easily and efficiently. So I have arranged to meet with a designer friend to pick her brain about the best way of sewing each piece.

My delightful new range Eco intimates will be coming very soon to my Etsy store xxx

PS... new organic cotton jersey and hemp silk/satin in colours has finally arrived!


  1. looks lovely! Good luck with the line.

    Thanks for the link to Harmony Art... we now have a distributor in AU: - :).

  2. they are so gorgeous... i love it!