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I came across this great little site called Little Green Guide while browsing around the world wide web for Australian eco blogs to read. Alot of the eco blogs I read are not Australian, so it doesn't help me much when the products they recommend and the government policies they refer to are international. This site is written by Australians for Australians (they welcome any non Australians too) so I feel at home here and understand the references! ;)
This Ozzie blog is packed with features on green living, handy tips, advice and facts. It is based from the 'Little Green Guide book' and which is written in collaboration with Australian environment organisation Planet Ark.
note: the views expressed in the blog are the authors and have nothing to do with Planet Ark

And my tip from the site..

Green principles

the starting point…value nature

the underlying principle…be happy with less

the green mantra…reduce, reuse, recycle

three global warming hotspots…homes • transport • food

four key cuts…energy • water • chemicals • waste

what is green…natural • reusable • biodegradable • renewable • local • efficient

For gorgeous green products try ecoshop
or looking for a great green business try the eco directory

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