Eco Friendly Stationary

I am setting up my home office and looking for eco office supplies and I found these great suppliers.

eco friendly office stationary from o'bon

O'BON philosophy is to take a common school item, such as a pencil, and take it from being a item that has bland colors, broke constantly and consumed valuable environmental resources and tranform it into a item mde from old newspaper, and manufactured in a variety of hip designs and colors, O'bon pencils are setting new standards for environmentally friendly. And pencils are only part of what they do. You will find that our entire line of stationery supplies is unique, exciting and fun.

Patriot Pen : with a body made of recycled newspaper, these clever writing tools need less than half the plastic of an inferior ballpoint pen to make.

O'BON Pencils are:

  • quality, recycled newspaper pencils

  • non-toxic, meets European Standards (EN-71)

  • 100% environmentally friendly and saves our forest

  • made from recycled newspaper using patented 'Rolled On' method

  • water resistant and last 2-3 times longer than ordinary wood pencils

  • well protected so that the lead doesn't break easily

  • easily sharpened and splinter free

Australians can purchase them online here

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