Beautiful QLD

I recently went on a sales trip to North Qld to assist my Agent- Taboo Fashion Agency. This is my first road trip in such a long time, it was such a lot of fun and being a NSW gal myself, it was lovely to experience how gorgeous Qld is. We drove from Sunshine Coast to Cairns in 4 days, Staying in Bargara, Yepoon, Proserpine then Cairns. Luckily weather and luck :) was on our side as we were nervous about the cyclone Ului that was due to hit Proserpine the day after we arrived there. So we drove straight to cairns the next day and I managed to fly back home from Cairns. I was anxious to get back because i had to get back to make the dress for divine rock-star Dallas. Here are a few of my favorite images from the trip. What a beautiful country we live in :)

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