A little Vest for my Autumn wardrobe

I have been playing around with a new line of day wear, separate from my intimates range. Just a few little pieces to add to my wardrobe really :) but i will list them up on etsy if anyone else wants one. I am in love with vests at the moment. I wear a men's style one by Barkins that I found at my fav 2nd hand store all the time. So i have styled this one a little different, using the organic cotton jersey, so it is a soft loose style with hemp silk frill feature on the pockets. I wear it over a little singlet and jeans. It is photographed here in Slate but it comes in black and aubergine also. Sorry about the daggy photo, I aim to try a little Lady Melbourne and take photos of myself wearing the designs, but it is a little scary for me.

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