The Making of a Prom Queen...

Here is a dress I made up for my niece last month. I love it when I am asked to make a dress for a special occasion in someones life, especially someone who is close to me. I feel like I am part of something very special in their life. My gorgeous niece, Pia, had found a image of a dress she loved in a magazine and wanted me to make it for her formal this year. The patterns and sewing took me 2 days to put together, yes... 2 long days.. but it was so worth it to see Pia so happy.

  I started with the concept Pia sent me. It was similar to a ballerina style dress- Satin boned bodice and a full tutu tulle skirt. My niece lives in Brisbane (2 hours away from me) so I needed to make most of the dress without her to fit until the end (a lot of trust there!!) Once I had her measurements, I drafted up a pattern and sewed the bodice which was cobalt blue satin with a satin lining in black.

After the bodice I whipped up the skirt. It was made from fine tulle with the black satin lining. It had over 5 meters of tulle for this little skirt! I tested it on the dummy for fit and length before I put the zipper in. Lastly it was fitted on Pia.. and WaaaLaaaa....

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