Packaging... to pack or not to pack

Who doesn't love a pretty packet? A beautifully designed product is just made even more beautiful with the way it is presented. Sometimes I just buy products because the box or packaging is so gorgeous, and then I never want to throw them away..

So my mission for this week is packaging ideas for my lingerie range. When I was planing my business and deciding on how I would merchandise and package my designs, being sustainable and environmentally friendly were the up most priority and if possible I wanted it to be able to be re-used... to have a 2nd life after my pieces were out of the box, and not become more landfill.

Ideas I had were...

Lingerie bags made from PET (fabric made from recycled plastic bottles). You can get a net like fabric that would be perfect to protect and wash my lovely items in... Firstly I thought the lingerie wash bags seemed like a ingenious idea, but I couldn't yet source the Pet fabric, and not in the small quantities I would order at this stage of my business. All the eco synthetic fabric bags/packaging on the market was ugly, ya know... the 'Green Bag' fabric. It just doesn't say gorgeous luxurious lingerie.

Next I thought of a drawstring fabric bag made from the left over scraps from manufacturing ... made of the same fabric the garment is made from and that can be reused to protect your lingerie when traveling, or just in your drawer. I asked my garment manufacture to use any fabric off-cuts from my designs to make the bags. But the cutters are so good at using all the fabric, especially because the knickers patterns are so small and you can lay the cutting so close, and therefore... pretty much nil wastage. I am using this idea, but I am not getting the amount of bags that I need for each garment.

I have always been hesitant about boxes, unless I can source them made from recycled cardboard, and be printed with soya inks. I would love to have some gift boxes for the customers that might want to give eco intimates as a gift... to themselves, or a special loved one. They can be re-used later keep your keepsakes in.

Then there is the most environmentally one of packaging at all...

But you have to sent the item off in something right? and isn't there nothing more exciting then the surprise of opening a parcel and finding your purchase.. or gift, encased, hidden and ready for only you to open. It is the packaging makes a simple purchase feel like a gift.

So I am researching... high and low.. and it is easy to find inspiration.  Here are some gorgeous products with as gorgeous packaging that I am getting inspired by...
Retail packaging from SPI made from molded pulp

Pandanas Palm 
 DIY eco packaging - Customized printable box templates
Jurlique uses 100% post-consumer recycled paper

 Gisele Bundchen Sejaa Pure Skin Care  is manufactured using post-consumer waste paper, 100% recyclable Forest Stewardship Council certified fibers, rain-forest Alliance certified manufacturing processes, Manufactured carbon neutral... Chlorine-free processing and Manufactured with Green-e Certified Renewable Electricity (windpower).

 Absolution Organic Cosemtics- Eco-conceived, recycled and/or recyclable, plant inks, carefully selected providers engaged in a sustainable development process, working everyday to reduce its production impact and sharing its benefits by reversing 2% to the non-profit Care International organization.
 link thanks to Ambalaj

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